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JOIN Singing Contest via MDazzle - GET FEATURED - Win Prizes

We are proud to present a NEW Singing / Karaoke & A'capella Contest that will let you showcase your best skills & talents! - Simply submit your recorded singing demo via the MDazzle website (either video or audio) - it doesn't have to be perfect sound quality. It just has to have your singing voice on it that's clear PLUS you can also have a user profile to promote yourself and to connect with the creative community!

The winner will get top featuring on the showcase page + U-News & a PRIZE!

If you're one of the finalists, you'll be notified by email. ​BEST entries and finalists will also be FEATURED in on the MDazzle Showcase page!

If you are NOT one of the finalists, there is still a chance you may see your performance on the SHOWCASE page OR social media to give you a reputation boost!

Find out more info on:

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